To Serve and Protect

“To serve and protect”: learning from police history
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In this regard, UNPOL have had numerous successes in preventing outbreaks of violence between host state police and political demonstrators around elections, for example, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC and Mali.

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UN police also undertake operations that provide for the physical protection of civilians, either in partnership with host-state police or unilaterally. Most commonly, UNPOL provide operational support to host-state law enforcement agencies, such as in responding to serious public order issues or conducting joint patrols with national police or gendarmerie.

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But in certain circumstances they act unilaterally to maintain order. Similarly, in South Sudan, UNPOL have full responsibility for maintaining safety and security inside the POC sites, which are currently home to more than , internally displaced persons.

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This reality does belie the often-made claim, however, that police agencies deserve the tax money and obedience of local citizens because the agencies "keep us safe. Posted by bluesky on Most important, the book is available free of charge until November 18th, so be sure to check it out! I'm not worried about being shot by black gangstas and hoodlums, especially as I live in a mostly white state. Glad to see there are people smart enough out there read through the rhetoric. The arrival of has the nation at a crucial position in politics as issues from have yet to be resolved. They claim the officer got physical with Kevin, a 6-foot-tall former high school football player.

In these cases, UNPOL are on the front lines of direct action to provide protection from physical harm. This security function of UN police, which focuses on direct protection, has clear limits. Like their military counterparts, UNPOL are authorized to use all necessary means to protect civilians. However, in practice, this is rarely viable for unarmed or lightly-armed IPOs, and only a limited possibility for FPUs who are not configured to operate in the presence of sustained fighting and heavy weapons.

It is therefore arguably through efforts to build the capacity of host-state law enforcement agencies that UNPOL work makes a more enduring contribution to POC. The majority of missions with a POC mandate are also instructed, to varying extents, to reform, rebuild, and restructure national police services—sometimes from scratch. Such police capacity-building and development efforts are seen as fundamental to the creation of a protective environment—providing security and tackling impunity, assisting in the extension of state authority, and helping host governments realize their primary responsibility for protecting its population.

To Serve and Protect

The recently closed mission in Liberia is a regularly cited example of success in this approach. Police peacekeepers also collaborate with many of the other mission sections to protect civilians. The blurry line between threats of a military versus criminal nature dictates that the police need to coordinate and cooperate with their military counterparts.

For example, in CAR, the military force and police are part of a joint task force in Bangui JTFB that provides high-visibility presence through mixed patrols in the more volatile areas of the capital where police require a security cordon for them to conduct their POC-related activities. UNPOL are increasingly collaborating with human rights divisions, providing important information gleaned through community-oriented policing on the ground. They also sometimes provide specialist investigations skills as part of human rights inquiries and other joint protection mechanisms.

In many missions, UN safety and security regulations dictate that an armed escort is required for civilian components to access volatile areas. Where the security situation permits, FPUs are increasingly requested and expected to provide the escort. UN police have particular comparative advantages over military forces in densely populated areas where threats of a criminal nature are the biggest challenge. By design they should be better equipped and trained to deal with these scenarios.

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"Serve & Protect" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of the American television police sitcom series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and the 82nd overall episode . To protect and to serve may refer to: "To Protect and to Serve", the motto of the Los Angeles Police Department since , adopted by many other police forces .

These skillsets have proved valuable as missions are increasingly responding to threats to civilians in urban areas and where UNPOL are being tasked to maintain order inside IDP camps where they have the advantage of retaining the civilian character of camps affording protections under international humanitarian law. The community-oriented policing model employed by UNPOL focuses on enhancing the relationship and interaction between the mission and local populations.

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Effectively making them equal partners in the goal of ensuring their security provides a more people-centered presence than the military component. This generates opportunities to gather information for early warning and responses to POC threats.

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It is also argued that UNPOL can build trust in populations who have suffered at the hands of abusive security forces, thereby laying the foundations for the eventual return of national police. Our unparalleled Care builds on our partnership with Safe Call Now. When they have a residential referral, we offer a Chaplain for the family of the patient, to assist while thy are in treatment.

Moreover, we offer the treatment facility our service to locate a local therapist for outpatient care when the first responder returns home, enhancing the continuum of care. Michaels serves as an adjunct instructor for local agencies in-service training.

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News , Resources. We are the only nationwide organization providing these services. We partner with Safe Call Now who provides our crisis line and facilitates residential care.

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This is the duty that has defined our organization and which has guided our collective and individual efforts for generations of service and of sacrifice. Police officers have many duties. We are responsible for upholding the law, preserving the peace, preventing crime and assisting victims.