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I ordered it way back in November!!! I actually pre-ordered TWO because I have to send one to one of my dearest friends who introduced me to you. Well, not you personally, your blog — namely Beyonce! Thank you for making me laugh, cry, gaffaw, reflect, snicker and remind my husband that I could have bought more towels! Hoping I can still get a bookplate to go with my swanky new book!

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The Wife Degree (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book ) - Kindle edition by Aisha Ford. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Kindle Editions. October USA, Canada, UK Kindle edition. thumb. Title: The Wife Degree (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book ) Author(s): Aisha Ford.

Carol recently posted Don't Forget Pretzel! I pre-ordered a couple weeks ago for the Kindle version. Am I too late to get a nameplate?


Is it too late to get a bookplate? I was only just able to pre-order. Ok, so if I pre-order on Amazon, do I get one of the last-ever samples of your handwriting on a bookplate? Jane recently posted Chronic Pain and Catastrophic Medicine. Ray Charbonneau recently posted Bear Pond Books. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny…How happy I am that you are a fellow Texan just up the highway and not too far from me! But not in a stalker-y way. Just sort of. OH, and please bring Beyonce to said DQ book signing. So two copies coming my way! How do I get a bookplate? Ok, you got me. I was going to wait until it came out, but i have been worn down in a good way and preordered the book. Now I am going to bug you until I get it. I am horrible with presents. If I know I have one coming, I cannot think of anything else.

Damn it. Now I need to go up my meds…. Hey, are there any bookplates left?

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I just ordered your book and would love one if you have one. Hmm I pre-ordered the hard copy after contemplating whether or not I wanted the electronic or hard copy. I wish we got an electronic version after buying a hard copy. Just like you get a digital version of your movie when you buy a DVD. The bookplates expired last week but if there are a bunch still left they may open it back up. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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I really hope that I have money in my bank account when we find out about the bookplates! I ordered the book just now!! Hopefully, there are a few bookplates left!!! Hope there are a few more bookplates left! Mimi recently posted Bovine Beauty. Jenny, I just got back and pre-ordered your book, is it too late to sign up for the bookplate? I hope not :. If I still have time, can you please tell me what I need to do?

I just ordered! I would love a bookplate if they are still available! Hi Jenny, Is it too late to sign up for a bookplate?

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I am preordering on amazon. Can anyone provide a link to sign up for the bookplate? Already pre-ordered but want my bookplate!

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Could you just send me a lock of your hair for me to craft into a creepyawesome bookmark for your book? Cause nothing would tickle me more. Just saying. I just pre-ordered!!! If any of those wonderfully random yet still supremely awesome nameplates become available, I would love one!!!!

Are there still any bookplates left? I just preordered on Amazon!! So I went right to Amazon and bought it! I preordered a little while back and yet totally forgot about the bookplates — eep! Hi Jenny — who does the reading on your audiobook? And thanks for your awesome blog, always puts a smile on my face. You are totally rocking the first book thing! I just pre-ordered!


I hope there are still bookplates available. Your hand is probably cramping up at the thought of signing 50, more bookplates. But what did you expect? Sign on girlfriend… Sign on! I just pre-ordered the book for my kindle which will hopefully work by the time it comes out. Is it possible to still get a book plate for my kindle case?

I did not see the link to sign up for one. Probably right in front of my face. Just pre-ordered the ebook version of your book from Barnes and Noble. Laura Casa del Hansen recently posted Do you like wine?

The Wife Degree

I pre-ordered it for my Kindle Fire after reading the HR excerpt and promptly making my coworker read it as well. Crazy HR day and your excerpts made my day. I just preordered it for my Kindle…. I am so excited about laughing out loud again! I pre-ordered a few days ago on Amazon. Maybe I need help. I am referring to finding the site to sign up. With laughter of course. I have never laughed out loud so much in a book in my life! Jenny Lawson, you are my new hero! April recently posted Books, Books!!!

Because you said the winner will be chosen at random, I will save my witty comment for now. Only allowed a certain amount of those per day anyway. Blog is high-larious so looking forward to the book.

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Stayed up all night to finish reading it and laughed so hard tears ran down my leg a couple of times.