The Return (Bonds of Darkness #2)

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All rights reserved. Theme by SoloStream. Vampire Romance. Diagnosed with terminal cancer in her senior year of college, she is given a choice: Call hospice, or seek out a mysterious man […] READ ON. Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Filed in Writing Life by V. Join the Aethereal Bonds Insiders Sign up for exclusive content, special updates, and more.

Filed in Shifter Romance by V. Filed in Vampire Romance by V. Personal Profile. Out of Bounds: Taken by the Panther Out of Control: Taken by the Panther Out of Her Mind: Taken by the Panther Out of Chances: Taken by the Panther Out of the Darkness: Taken by the Panther Retrieved May 12, Archived from the original on December 31, July 23, October 6, Hollywood Reporter. November 9, Vampire Diaries Guide. November 16, March 27, TV Fanatic.

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Archived from the original on March 2, Retrieved February 27, The Vampire Diaries. Awards and nominations Novel series L. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 3 DVD Cover. List of The Vampire Diaries episodes. Elena 's eighteenth birthday arrives and Caroline holds a party.

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Believe me, Mother, the very last thing anyone should worry over is dying from a cold. Stefan tells Elena he believes she has feelings for Damon. Over the past twenty years, many intelligent investors have come to this same conclusion. She says a witch from the other side promised her that if she killed Elena she can come back forever. ASH He wears an iron breastplate with the insignia of Arthur's army that compliments his new spring-powered iron hand. ASH Then you'll die. You can check out their books below.

Klaus and Stefan hunt for werewolves so Klaus can create more hybrids. Damon returns Elena's necklace to her for her birthday. Stefan returns home to warn Damon to stop tracking them by killing Andie.

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Stefan later calls Elena, but doesn't say anything and she promises she will find him. Jeremy continues to see Vicki and Anna's ghosts. Alaric moves out. Caroline is jealous when Tyler brings a date to the party, and the two end up sleeping together. As Caroline leaves, Carol shoots her with vervain. Elena and Alaric head to Tennessee and are followed by Damon. Klaus continues to try to create hybrids but fails when the hybrids end up bleeding to death or went crazy and Klaus had to kill them himself.

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Apparently so because Elena is still alive. Stefan meets up with Damon and tells him to protect Elena. Damon tells Elena that he's wrong about his brother and that Stefan can still be saved. Matt tries to connect with Vicki's ghost through Jeremy. Tyler realises his mother had captured Caroline , who is still being held captive. Tyler then shows his mother he's a werewolf as it was a full moon that night, showing that he was also a monster.

Bill, Caroline's dad goes to see Caroline. Caroline Dries.

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Klaus and Stefan arrive in Chicago, where they knew each other during one of Stefan's previous periods as a Ripper in the s. It is revealed that Klaus knew Stefan in the s. Stefan met Klaus and Rebekah in a bar where Stefan fell in love with Rebekah and become like a brother to Klaus. Klaus and Rebekah had to leave and Klaus compelled Stefan to forget them. Klaus then daggers Rebekah when she chooses Stefan.

In present day, he removes the dagger keeping her demobilized as she has what Gloria a powerful witch needs to help Klaus create hybrids.

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It's been ten years since Jane Phillips first felt the touch of true evil in her life. Ever since that time she has kept the secret of what happened to herself and tried to. Tags › The Return (Bonds of Darkness #2). January 1, The Return (Bonds of Darkness #2). Comments. Back to top. mobile desktop.

It is revealed that what Gloria needs is the necklace Stefan had given Elena. Damon gets a tip on Stefan and Klaus' whereabouts from Katherine so he and Elena follow the trail.

They go to Stefan's old apartment, where Elena sees Stefan's list of victims. While there, Stefan and Klaus arrive. Stefan sees Elena hiding in his closet, however doesn't tell Klaus.

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Tyler tries to rescue Caroline , who is being tortured by her father, who believes he can change her urge to feed on blood by burning her in sunlight every time she feels the urge. Wendey Stanzler. She tortures Stefan, but Katherine saves him. Back in Mystic Falls, Damon finds out Bill is impervious to compulsion and wants control of the Council.

He temporarily kills Alaric but Alaric comes back to life. Damon then tries to kill Bill but Caroline saves her father by giving him her blood and has a fight with Damon. Meanwhile, Bonnie returns to Mystic Falls and Jeremy tells her about seeing his ex-girlfriends as ghosts. Stefan also tries to find out what Klaus and his sister Rebekah are running from. The answer turns out to be Mikael. Katherine steals Elena's necklace that can contact the Original Witch and teams up with Damon.

Klaus brings Stefan back to Mystic Falls to find out what he is hiding. A senior prank night takes a deadly turn when Klaus finds out that Elena is still alive. Klaus threatens Elena by feeding Tyler his blood and kills him. He tells Bonnie that if she doesn't find a way to create hybrids, Tyler dies. He also tells Stefan to feed on Elena. Stefan tries to stop his urge, but Klaus makes him turn off his emotions and feed on her. Klaus finds out that Elena's blood is needed to create more hybrids.

Meanwhile, Katherine and Damon go on a road trip to find a way to kill Klaus.

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Katherine remembers that Pearl told her about Mikael, the vampire hunter who was also a vampire. Matt, in an attempt to connect with Vicki, commits suicide. In a vision he sees her, and she tells him she can come back to life and has a message for Bonnie. Elena is in the hospital while a nurse, compelled by Klaus, takes her blood.

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Klaus is waiting to abduct Elena, but he flees when Damon tells him that Mikael is coming. Damon then saves Elena. Moments later, Stefan returns. Jeremy and Katherine find Mikael's tomb and watch as he opens his eyes. Elena and her friends begin their senior year of high school and she remembers that it has been one year since she met Stefan.

Elena is frustrated by her helplessness, so she convinces Alaric to teach her about protecting herself from vampires. Mikael wakes up and bites Katherine. Bonnie and Jeremy are having issues since Jeremy keeps seeing Anna. Klaus' sister, Rebekah, moves in with the Salvatores and attends school.