The Relic - A Marines Memoir of the Korean War by Richard Janca

The Relic - A Marine's Memoir of the Korean War by Richard Janca
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A simple step-by-step organizing tool in the fundamental understanding of the MEChA structure and its daily functions. Latinos are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the nation. By there will be more Latino than white students if existing trends continue.

Yet Latinos drop out of high school at alarming rates and have made virtually no progress in level of college completion over more than two decades. The group with the lowest academic achievement will soon become the majority in significant parts of the country. Some economists have predicted a serious downturn in the economies of those states with high Latino populations by if something is not done immediately to reverse these trends. The causes of this educational stagnation have been attributed to various factors —immigration, language differences, and a culture that places a low value on education.

The first book to take a comprehensive look at the social and educational landscape for Latinos in the US, The Latino Education Crisis analyzes existing data and finds support for none of these explanations. Instead, it argues that social policies that have failed to support Latino families as the country has undergone a dramatic reduction in opportunities for low income and working class people appear to be the greatest cause.

It highlights programs that show promise and offers policy recommendations that can set the nation on a more hopeful path. Published by: Amigo del Mar Press An easy-to-read combination of the 2, year history of the most beloved sport on the planet and the exciting real-life adventure of how a bunch of mostly "mexicanos" amd their "muy anciano gringo" coach bridged their cultural divide to play for an impossible champioinship.

The entries into this retrospective deserve a reading between the lines. Burciaga was also a muralist and creator of memorable pictorial commentary.

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He was a poet, a humorist, a satirist, a cartoonist and mostly a humanist. An early and frequent contributor to Hispanic Link, Burciaga died of cancer on Oct. He was unique in how he treated cultural differences and difficulties, including the inequities he revealed through humor, art, and deceptively simple prose.

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In this book Burciaga tells us through anecdotes his Chicano heritage and how it ripples in from Mexico. He tells about growing up between the proverbial two cultures and languages. Burciaga stretches that rubber band, also. With the turn of a phrase, he takes us into those creative and spiritual depths that get a rise or a laugh from us.

How about polamas when trying to say palomas or numberos for — you get the picture. Very little, if anything, is so sacrosanct we ought not joke about it. There too is a quality of Burciaga.

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His humor and truths may sting. The Last Supper book can make the reader laugh from beginning to end as it delves into reality and fantasy. His poetry and art give the reader an unquenching look into what his work was like and why it is remembered. What used to be Chicano morphed into Latino later, and then becomes mainstream. Transcendantal, even. E-mail:editor hispaniclink.

In Cuban folktales, you will taste the same delicious mixture of flavors. Folklorist and storyteller Joe Hayes first visited Cuba in He fell in love with the island and its people and began to look for opportunities to meet and listen to Cuban storytellers and to share the stories he knew from the American Southwest. He has returned every year, establishing a rich cultural exchange between U. Out of that collaboration came this savory collection of Cuban folktales, which Joe frames with an Introduction and an all-important Note to Storytellers.

Joe has published over 20 books. He was born in the community of Tigua Chimbacucho, in the Yanacachi region, on March 7, His main occupation as a child was to go to school and to help his parents with their daily chores in the home and in the countryside, such as taking care of the crops, shepherding, etc. Gustavo began painting from a very young age. He was taught by his father, who is one of the most important Indigenous Painters in the country, and the manager of a vigorous movement of artists who have come out of a small community to create art that is recognized around the world.

Gustavo Toaquiza gustavotoaquiza hotmail. All media will be considered for jurying including but not limited to paintings, drawings, photography, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media, fiber art, new media, conceptual art, video and artists' books. More Info: 15 www.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Richard Janca was a Korean War Veteran who survived the battle of "Chosin Reservoir". For his heroism he earned the. Richard Janca was a Korean War Veteran who survived the battle of "Chosin Reservoir". For his heroism he earned the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Richard .

Sent by events missionculturalcenter. Deadline for Proposal: February 6, This exhibit will be parallel to an exhibition called "5 x 5 Pluralism" www. The curator selects the theme and media. Please submit a cover letter explaining your project plus your curatorial resume or CD of previous curatorial work.

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You are also welcome to make an appointment with gallery staff to see the Inti-Raymi gallery before proposing your art project or exhibition. Latino USA, the radio journal of news and culture, is the only national, English-language radio program produced from a Latino perspective. Latino USA was launched in with the following mission: Provide diverse audiences with multiple perspectives on issues affecting Latinos. Foster cross-cultural understanding. Enhance relationships among Latino communities.

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Illuminate the richness of Latino cultural and artistic expression. In its first five years, Latino USA has made significant strides toward these goals. Our weekly, half-hour broadcast of news, cultural programs, and public affairs features has generated a loyal audience and won 15 prestigious national awards from the communications industry for journalistic and production excellence. If Latino USA is not aired in your city or town, call your local public radio station and request that they add Latino USA to their programming schedule.

Latino USA does publish the entire program, and program segments each week, and the files are available for download or web streaming. Opening the "Listen" link in a new window or tab will play the entire program and its segments in your browser's player. Unfortunately, printed transcripts of Latino USA are not available at this time. We do, however, provide CD copies of the show. Main: Call us at If we are not available leave us a brief summary of your story idea, why we should be interested, and your phone number, message line, or fax number.

As an alternative, or when our small staff is busy, please fax us at or e-mail us at lusa npr. One of our editors will get back to you. Again, we are a small staff, so please be patient.

The Relic : A Marine's Memoir of the Korean War by Richard Janca (2012, Paperback)

Check out our contributors guidelines for additional information on submitting work to Latino USA. If you'd like more information on airing Latino USA, contact Angela Maldonado at or via email: amaldonado kut. In San Diego, a group of Chicanas participated in a political teatro that addressed social, gender and political issues of the working class.

Their experiences are distilled into this book. For more information please contact Luciano Ramirez at Please pass this information to other people who might be interested.

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He also has taught Farrier Science and clinics for horse trainers. Problem solving courses for trainers begins with Honest Horse Savvy.

The Relic: A Marine's Memoir of the Korean War by Richard Janca

Rudy also publishes the American Cowboy Poet Magazine. In addition to his entertainment programs, he has served on many boards and panels instructing poets and writers. He has also served on panels to demonstrate the hispanic influence on the cowboy. Richard G. First I need to explain that my parents like many of English-Spanish bilingual, bicultural Hispanics did not use dictionary translations of specific words.