The Gangster Gets His Gal

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And it's Tina who decides she likes Stanley enough to leave Dorian, rather than Stanley trying to take Tina away. Little Shop of Horrors : Seymour is in love with Audrey, who is the abused girlfriend of a sadistic dentist. In Dick Tracy , 88 Keys feels this way about Breathless Mahoney, whom Big Boy Caprice appropriated from one of his rivals after sending said rival to his death. The Girl Can't Help It ends up being this. Fortunately, the gangster realizes he was just pushing his girl to help him get back his Glory Days. Once he finds his own way, he lets her go. The movie The Marrying Man starts with the protagonist sleeping with a woman who turns out to be the girlfriend of the notorious gangster "Bugsy" Siegel.

Uncharacteristically the gangster is a good sport about this and rather than having the couple killed, he has them marry each other.

A Les Yay version of the trope Alex is a girl. This sets up the final tragedy of El Mariachi.

Gangsta of Love Lyrics

Played with in Pulp Fiction ; Vincent senses the rising tension between him and Mia and explicitly warns himself to avoid this trope. Barnes pictured with her friend Raason 'Lil B' Shaw. A Les Yay version of the trope Alex is a girl. The life of a gun moll must have been very tempting. Killing for, not dying for. As Molly is reading her letter, a female pickpocket steals a watch from a drunk.

Here, the title character falls in love with Domino, the girlfriend of druglord Moco. The Mariachi survives, but Domino isn't so lucky. Elvira, drug lord Frank Lopez's girlfriend in Scarface She eventually marries Tony, but the lifestyle of a druglord isn't very conducive to a happy relationship, especially since Tony disregarded her advice about not getting high on his own supply , leading to Tony becoming increasingly unstable and costing him his relationship with her.

In Lost Highway , Pete gets in deep with Alice, the gangster boss' girl. As befitting the darker aspects of this trope, fully half of these women do not survive their respective films.


On Her Majesty's Secret Service provides a subversion - the Bond Girl is the daughter of a gangster, but the gangster in question is Bond's ally. Unfortunately, she fares no better than the unlucky Bond Girls above. Averted in Spectre , where Lucia Sciarra is the widow of this type of man, thanks to Bond killing her husband, but in no less danger from his vengeful associates.

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She manages to be one of those who survive. There's also a variant in the movie with Madeleine Swann, Mr. Emma, Harry and Paul in Born Yesterday. Fortunately for Oz, Jimmy falls for fellow assassin Jill and moves on with his life. In The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift , Sean manages this twice - first in the prologue with the school bully's girl.

It doesn't end well, and he ends up on the next plane to Tokyo. There, he falls for Neela - her boyfriend, DK, is a Yakuza associate on top of his standing in the drifting community. The Hitman : Garret, an undercover cop working as a hitman for the mafia, has a fling with a mob accountant who also happens to be the mistress of the boss he's working for. He finds out. She eventually ends up with a bullet to the back of her head, Garret ends up getting sold out to the competition.

The Stephen King story "The Ledge" from Night Shift deals with a man who falls in love with a gangster's wife and is forced to walk a ledge all the way around an apartment building. It's very high up and the ledge is six inches wide.

If he wins, he gets the girl, n. If he loses, he falls to his death.

A mutually beneficial business venture

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Gangster Gets His Gal at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. She's Dating the Gangster is a Philippine coming-of-age romantic comedy drama film Confirming that the girl on the picture is not his mother, Kenneth is asked by Kenneth sleeps at the bus station, hoping to get a ticket as a chance.

This guy being a criminal, of course, there's a rather nasty loophole in the deal. The protagonist, a famous comedian, beds a gangster's mistress, but he has no interest in her beyond a one-night stand. Regardless, he's still terrified when the gangster and his cronies show up on his doorstep, only to have the gangster pull an I Want My Beloved to Be Happy and demand that he marry the girl, as she's head over heels in love with him.

The deuteragonist of The Valley of Fear deals with this by gaining the favor of the gang himself. It does get his rival to back off, but needless to say, the love interest is not thrilled. Sure, it looks snazzy giving out orders to all your goons, but all the cops are gunning for you and your every move is under complete scrutiny.

You need this Mafia costume. Plenty of women laughed in the face of the police with their wild crime streaks. Perhaps you can model your own look after one of the deadly women gangsters! Bonnie Parker robbed banks with her guy, Clyde. Ma Barker led her family on a crime spree which led J. Those are some strong words coming from the then Director of the FBI! This means you can wear something like this sexy gangster costume. This look puts a sultry spin on the iconic look from the 20s. You still get the pinstripes style with a fairly classic blouse-style top. It shows a little more skin than a mobster gal might have back in the s, but it certainly turns you into the MVP of your gang.

You have to pack a lot of attitude if you want to be a s gangster girl. In the s, guys were trying to monopolize the organized crime game.

Nagpur Gangster Gets Scolded By Girl For Staring At Her Sister, Makes Him Say Sorry!

The good news is that this womens gangster costume is chock full of attitude. From its modern cut, to its pinstripe patterns, this is exactly the kind of wear you want to take with you to the next heist… or s themed costume party. It takes inspiration from the vintage suits from the s, but it also adds a unique modern style that will help you assert your leadership. After all, if you plan on working hard in a dangerous line of business, you might as well play hard too!

Of course, zoot suits were actually most prominent in the late s and s when heavy hitting jazz stars like Cab Calloway wore them. You can craft your own gangster style by donning one of these zoot suits. A classic black zoot suit is truly the start of any good gangster costume. Pinstripes and a loose fit make it a loud and daring look for any man trying to outrun the law.

Nagpur Gangster Gets Scolded By Girl For Staring At Her Sister, Makes Him Say Sorry!

Of course, you need to pair it with a hat usually a fedora-style one and a pair of black saddle shoes if you want the true style of a mobster. The costume not only works as a great mobster costume; it also works wonders if you plan on being a jazzy big bad wolf this year. Well, you can always piece together your own costume using some knowledge of s fashion to guide you. Here, we have several pieces that highlight specific looks that were popular in the s.

It seems like every new age brings with it a hat that rises to the top… literally! Just look at the extensive selection of hats and you can see a long history of different headpieces displayed before you. You definitely want one if you plan on playing the role of a mob boss. Comics raged in popularity between the s and s and Dick Tracy began its run in Before superheroes like Superman and Batman filled every comic book from here to Timbuktu, readers loved to take in the adventures of Dick Tracy, a hard edged detective whose job it was to hunt down all the dirty gangsters of the era.

He had some pretty advanced gadgets, making him more than just your run-of-the-mill kind of police officer. First and most prominently, the usually had a high waist. They were also often held up by suspenders and usually featured a cuff at the bottom of each pant leg. Some gangsters may have even adopted this style during their days as dangerous criminals. You might notice that men in shows like Peaky Blinders often wear this style of pants, which seems to be a precursor to some of the trouser styles in the s. Sashimi knives and bloodied faces are pretty much the status quo in Korean gangster movies.

So why so popular with the Korean audience? Yoo Oh Sung is excellent as Joon Seok, the son of a gangster who inevitably follows in his fathers footsteps. Equally, Jang Dong Gun is incredibly believable in his role as the son of an Undertaker-with-an-inferiority-complex-turned-gang-boss. Kang, a mob boss played by Kim Young Chul who suspects his much younger girlfriend is cheating on him. I mean, who can blame him, but he is a little quick off the mark to risk it all for those dimples.

Though Mr. Lee Byung Hun is superb in the role, filling quiet, tense moments with glances that speak volumes.