St. Lawrence County Portraits (Images of America)

St. Lawrence County Portraits
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Addy, who also founded a modeling agency and the Niijournal , which documents religion, poetry, fashion and trends in photojournalism. Bobb-Willis is interested in how these artists applied a sly sense of abstraction in their portraiture, pushing representation beyond realism and stereotype. For Quil Lemons , notions of family are a central concern. The four generations of women in his photos wear Batsheva floral print dresses that he selected to express a sense of home and intimacy.

In Ms. Much of her work, which sometimes incorporates collage and has been published in fashion campaigns for Nike and Kenzo, is inspired by contemporary West African pop music, Nollywood films and the pomp of Nigerian funerals. The image also conjures the post-independence street photography of the Ghanaian artist James Barnor. Images of the black body are not the only way these photographers consider notions of identity and heritage.

Patricia H. Carson

The Swiss-Guinean photographer Namsa Leuba focuses on specific objects used in tribal rituals across the African diaspora to probe, conceptually, the way blackness has been defined in the western imagination. Awol Erizku, in addition to his celebrity portraits of black actors and musicians such as Michael B. Jordan and Viola Davis, creates powerful still life imagery filled with found objects set against monochromatic backdrops. They reference art history, black music, culture and nature. The works also highlight Mr. The hand is comparing the card to objects that have been whitewashed, including a bust of Nefertiti, painted black.

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Erizku, 31, also includes in his photograph a small gold sculpture of King Tut, and fresh lilies, the flower of good fortune. Log In. Supported by. Kelley, Arapaho camp with buffalo meat drying near Fort Dodge, Kansas. Salmon drying. Aleut village, Old Harbor, Alaska. Photographed by N. Miller, Paiute woman grinding seeds in doorway of thatched hut , small boy in foreground. Photographed by Gardin, Two Taos women baking bread in outside oven , New Mexico. T Cory, Paiute children playing game called wolf and deer , northern Arizona. Hillers, October Four Nuaguntit Paiutes gambling , southwestern Nevada.

Eskimo group of 11 men, women, and children dressed in fur , Port Clarence, Alaska. Photographed by William Dinwiddie, Knik Chief Nikaly and family near Anchorage, Alaska. Man and woman of Laguna Pueblo , New Mexico. Winema or Tobey Riddle , a Modoc, standing between an agent and her husband Frank on her left , with four Modoc women in front.

Photographed by Eadweard Muybridge, Shoshoni at Fort Washakie , Wyoming. Last photograph of Chief Washakie, who is on the extreme left, standing and pointing, Two Tlingit women with several children near the Kotsina River, Alaska. Apache rancheria with two men holding rifles. Photographed by Camillus S.

Family of Bannocks in front of a grass tent , Idaho. Photographed by William H. Jackson, Summer skin tent with an old Eskimo woman in foreground , Point Barrow, Alaska. Supai Charlie standing in front of his ha-wa, Havasu Canyon. Dancers' Rock , Walpi, Arizona, part of a Hopi pueblo; picturing three Hopi people, ladders, and utensils. Interior of a Navajo hogan on a New Mexico reservation.

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Photographed by D. Griffiths, September 13, Joseph Matthews , Osage council member, author, historian, and Rhodes scholar, seated at home in front of his fireplace, Oklahoma. Kelley, December 16, Photographed by Clement Powell, October 4, Pawnee lodges at Loup, Nebraska , with a family standing in front of a lodge entrance.

Gabe Gobin , an Indian logger, in front of his home. Tulalip Reservation, Washington.

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Photographed by Lee Muck, Little Big Mouth , a medicine man, seated in front of his lodge near Fort Sill, Oklahoma, with medicine bag visible from behind the tent. Blackfoot Indians chasing buffalo , Three Buttes, Montana. Artwork by John M. Stanley, Eskimos harpooning a whale , Point Barrow, Alaska.

An Uainuint Paiute aiming a rifle , southwestern Utah. Big Soldier Wahktageli , a Dakota chief; full-length, standing. Artwork by Karl Bodmer, May Black Beaver , a Delaware born in Illinois in ; half-length. Captain Jack Kintpuash , a Modoc subchief, executed October 3, ; bust-length, full-face. Photographed by Louis Heller, Crow King , a Hunkpapa Sioux; half-length, wearing part of a major's uniform.

Photographed by David F.

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Barry at Fort Buford, North Dakota, ca. Curley Bear Car-io-scuse , a Blackfoot Siksika chief; half-length, dressed in ermines. Photographed by DeLancey Gill, Halftone of photograph. Photographed by Bennett Thayer, Four Bears Mato-Tope , a Mandan chief; full- length, standing, holding lance and wearing a painted and quilled shirt. Gall Pizi, Gaul , a Hunkpapa Sioux; three-quarter- length, seated.

Barry, Geronimo Goyathlay , a Chiricahua Apache; full-length, kneeling with rifle.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Both authors are trustees of the St. Lawrence County St. Lawrence County Portraits (Images of America) - Kindle edition by Patricia Harrington Carson, E. Anne Mazzotta. Download it once and read it on. Both authors are trustees of the St. Lawrence County Historical Association, and this book is their contribution toward preserving and fostering the county's.

Photographed by Ben Wittick, Joseph Hinmaton-Yalatkit , Nez Perce'chief; full- length, standing. Jackson, before Kicking Bird Tene'-angp6te , a Kiowa chief and grandson of a Crow captive;three-quarter-length, seated.

Lone Wolfe Guipago , a Kiowa chief; half-length, seated. Looking Glass , a Nez Perce' chief, on horseback in front of a tepee. Photograph, Manuelito , a Navajo chief; full-length, seated. Artwork by E. Miner, Cpl. George , a Winnebago from Tomah, Wisconsin; standing, with rifle, on guard duty, Niederahren, Germany. Photographed by Lt.

Nathaniel L. Dewell, U. Army Signal Corps, January 2, Nana Nanay , a Chiricahua Apache subchief; full- length, seated. Oseola As-se-he-ho-lor, Black Drink , a Seminole; bust-length. Artwork by George Catlin, ca. Ouray the Arrow , a Southern Ute chief; bust-length. Pacer Peso, Essa-queta , a Kiowa-Apache chief; half-length, seated, wearing earrings. Paliwahtiwa , Governor of Zuni; full-length, seated. Poison , a Cheyenne woman almost years old; full-length, seated, Quanah Parker , a Kwahadi Comanche chief; full-length, standing in front of tent.

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Photographed by Lanney. Rain-in-the-Face , a Hunkpapa Sioux; bust-length, full-face, wearing feathered headdress. Red Tomahawk , a Yanktonai Sioux policeman at Standing Rock Reservation who may have fired the shot that killed Sitting Bull; bust-length, wearing hat. Photograph taken at Fort Yates, North Dakota, Rocky Boy Stone Child , a Chippewa chief; three-quarter length, standing, dressed in ornate costume. Scar-faced Charley Chikchikam Lupatkue-latko , a Modoc; bust-length. Army captain's bars, Sitting Bear Satank, Set-angya , a Kiowa chief; half-length, seated.

Barry, ca. Umapine Wakonkonwelasonmi , a Cayuse chief; full-length, standing, wearing a feathered headdress. Halftone of photograph by Joseph K. Dixon, September Washakie Shoots-the-Buffalo-Running , a Shoshoni chief; half-length, seated, holding pipe.

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White Bear Sa-tan-ta , a Kiowa chief; full-length, seated, holding bow and arrows. Trager, January 17, Chief Powder Face of the Arapaho ; standing full-length, wearing war costume. Pehriska-Ruhpa ; full-length, standing, in the costume of the Dog Band of the Hidatsa. Hopi man having hair dressed by his squaw. Two Mohave braves dressed in loincloths ; full- length, standing, western Arizona. Photographed by Timothy O'Sullivan, Chief of the Little Osages ; bust-length, profile showing hair style. Artwork by Charles B. Two braves with faces painted.

Left to right: Massica, a Sauk, and Wakusasse, a Fox.