Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords Guides 3)

The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success
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Mark is certain that ebooks will overtake print in volume in due course.

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In fact, the existing data underestimates the real value of the market as if you measure by words consumed onscreen. Ebooks are cheaper than print books, therefore the US must be close to the tipping point probably this year if it has not already happened.

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In the US, more books are published online than distributed in hard copy in book shops. This has dramatic implications for traditional publishers. It also now means that a self-published author can be listed — because there is unlimited shelf space online. When Mark tried to publish a book, he was a failed writer because without a publisher, he had nothing. Yet today, the printing press, distribution networks and knowledge of professional best practices is free and available to all. Publishers are losing their monopoly and are no longer essential to the process.

This means that writers are starting to ask two questions that are particularly dangerous for publishers:.

How I Made $1, Last Month Self-Publishing on Amazon

And with a lower price, it means that the author has the potential to reach more readers and therefore to make more sales at higher profits per sale. There are arguably two benefits for an author from every sale of a book.

The first is obvious — money, in the form of a royalty. But the second — and more valuable — is that you gain a reader. This is more important because every reader is a potential fan.

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And each one of those is a potential super fan. These are people who will buy everything that you write and also act as your marketing department for free. Smashwords carried out research into their sales in order to work out the price at which an author can reach the most readers. Brick and mortar bookstores are disappearing.

How long should a book be — or could you write several shorter books?

The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords tutorial series #2)

Can a book have photos in it? I am very excited about this idea and wonder if it would be possible for you to itemise the steps needed from writing the book to seeing it published on Amazon. I am a complete novice re Kindle as I have only just bought one. I think they are brilliant.

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Secret 11 Think Globally They'll report November any day or minute now, and then shortly after that we'll load to into the reports. They earn the royalty from the sale. A bit about me: In , I founded Smashwords , an ebook publishing and distribution platform. And another. Slow boil, breakout, slow boil,bigger breakout

May I wish you continued success with your book, and a prosperous New Year. Kind Regards Christine Crumblehulme. Hi Christine. I love history. I would buy it. Anyway, yes there is quite a niche for history. Write not to make money as a priority but because it is a passion you wish to share the world with.

Write a good product, have it edited, get an amazing cover design, get your book in MOBI format. Be willing to market. Things take time. Createspace does a wonderful job on making print on demand books. Kickstarter is a good place to gain exposure also. Maybe set up a blog. Preview chapters for the audience. Why are you passionate in it? Who weigh on the Tribulation, the dyfunctional church systm, the living practically in uncertain times, and positively integrating into their respective communities….

Do it because you believe in it. Let everything else sort itself out. Be practical and study thoroughly. Good luck. Any ideas how to promote it?


I read stories like yours and wonder how you got your novel noticed in the first place. I am unsure if the last post was to me Eileen? I would attempt twitter, facebook, other social networking entities. Network with your friends. Thinks take time!! Writing an excellent product is half the battle.

You still have to network and make it known. Look online for places where you can promote a preview of your book for free. Write to journal magazines, etc, etc. Nothing spectactular.

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Most people I have spoken with want to have my book in paperback so next month it will be vailable in paperback for the sailors, soldiers, college students, and college faculty that want to purchase my book. Once and a great while people become best selling authors overnight, the most it takes time, a repoire and build up using promotions, previews of your book, youtube trailers, etc, etc. I guess you could do some advertisements but I am unsure how those go. Everything from writing to journalists, magazines, facebook, twitter, etc will help in the long run. Be patient.

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If you wrote a great product people will take notice. Get really good honest positive reviews as well.

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Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (Smashwords Guides 3) - Kindle edition by Mark Coker. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Mar 26, The Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success. Series: Smashwords Guides, Book 3. By Mark Coker. Rated /5 based on reviews.

Those are essential. Social networking through different media outlets and gaining 4 and 5 star reviews on your book will help immensely.

Those are my two cents. Take care. Thanks for the great info Tristan. I took your advice and have published my book on Amazon with a free offering scheduled for Jan 10 to I hope I can get some reviews — good or bad. This was the best information I have found about Kindle. I have 5 books almost ready to upload and while I planned on using the KDP offer I had no idea it could be that effective.

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I had also questioned if the free books would count in the sales volume which you answered. Thanks for the links as they are very helpful. I am in the process of doing a 5 day promotion. It has downloads today.