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Bob says he's never had an email address. Michael Anthony was the only original band member to attend the ceremony. Edward Van Halen had entered a rehab facility for treatment of alcoholism. A: "Chemistry," from the album "Signals," features lyrics written by Neil, Geddy, and Alex together. But what album was the song originally going to be on? Many of the songs off of the failed opera were used for "Who's Next".

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Before that, the brilliant "Crime of the Century" was the album that put them on the musical map as a million seller. Where did this concert take place? An estimated , fans attended the show. Wth the late release of "Physical Graffiti" in , the excitement of the impending Zeppelin visit had brought all six Zeppelin albums on the chart. The nine was the apex of Led Zeppelins business career and an unprecedented coup. What famous drummer played on most of the cuts on that album?

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One guitarist is Tom Sholz. The idea was quickly dropped as the Floyds supposed that Beck's financial conditions as an ex-Yardbird would be unreachable to them at that moment. What temperature is he? What sound effect did he invent? A: " Meeting Across the River" is a chilling but beautiful song that reflects the feelings of desperation that Bruce's work of the era so effectively conveys.

In , constant complaints by the police led the band to find an isolated place to work. According to Keith, he awoke one morning in a hotel room with a riff running through his head. He recorded the riff and the song's central phrase, and then worked out the rest at the Stones' next recording session. What signature Rolling Stones anthem came of this?

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Somewhat to Keith's chagrin, it was voted the greatest rock single of all time in a poll. At one point in the mids, Don Henley considered forming a band with Lindsey Buckingham. Tom Scholz was one of them. Who has been the second guitar since ?

What would it have been? What band was Jeff from? They performed a series of warm-up dates to get Rick ready. During the tour Rich missed the plane and was late for the show. Rick had to play solo. The band couldn't tell the difference. It was then that they realized he was ready to go it alone.

Gray sang lead on most of the band's songs, however he did not sing lead on the band's hit "Can't You See", which featured founder and guitarist Toy Caldwell as the singer. Ringo is the most weatlthy drummer from this estimate. Bruce had had a standing offer for 17 years to do SNL, and he finally took them up on it.

Davies no relation to Richard , published Q: True or False? And bonus, if you name the two artist.

A: Squier was notably very friendly with the members of Queen. What was Paul's called? Toby was Andy Fraser's band. Cheaper to put DLR in the band. Pete says he saw Richards make the move while The Stones were warming up for a show. Q: Manfred Mann had chart success with three songs written by Bob Dylan.

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Ricky Rockets Rock & Roll Music Trivia #2 - Kindle edition by Dennis Lively. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Ricky Rockets Rock & Roll Music Trivia #2 book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Here's Ricky again with a brand new interactive.

Which of these is NOT one of them? Ronnie Van Zant wanted to sound the same every time. He earned little or no money from the album, but says it did wonders for his career. On what album can you find that song? What profession did Plant seriously consider as a career change? He applied to take a job at a Rudolph Steiner training college in Sussex. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, only to change her mind after a personal letter from the band?

He also died tragically. Who was it?

The 100 Greatest American Rock ‘n’ Roll Bands, Part V – #55 to 45

Nikki And Tommy portrayed policemen in the video. What year was it? What was the studio release prior to this album? The band doesn't include "Feeding Off The Mojo" in their official discography. What was his reason for doing it? What did they call themselves? What is his birth name? It is posed that Serbian engineer Nikola Tesla whom the band is named after is the true inventor of radio, while the Italian Guglielmo Marconi took the credit and is widely regarded as having the title.

The album's inner sleeve recounts this story.

Spike Jones, or The Hookers? With the death of keyboardist, Billy Powell, on January 28, , Rossington is now the last original band member left in the reformed band. Problem is, that song was released in ! What is the name of this song? Dennis Elliot retired from the band after the album "Unusual Heat" did not bring the same success as the earlier albums.

The new drummer was Mark Schulman. Schulman left a year later and joined "Simple Minds". He then re-joined the band in , replacing Brian Tichy. It was Tichy who left in to tour with Ozzy. Schulman left in to tour with Cher. A: The final song is "Eclipse" but is more often played on the radio with "Brain Damage" the next to the last song on the album as a medley. Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood handled the duties on bass for the first album. Page also used the famous double-neck on "The Rain Song". This song reached 12 on the charts and is on a greatest hits album called "Big Ones" released in Now the site of a dentist office.

A "Jack Secret" is the nickname of Tony Geranios, who has been with the band for a long time.

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Hank Wangford was enjoyable, he refused to take it seriously and utilised some fine backing musicians such as B J Cole. Charlie Daniels. Music Term: - Originally an American dance in duple time of which there are two main types-fast and slow. Given your involvement in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, we think you'd be in a great position to show our magazine to others and help us reach more of our audience. He is the same up on the bandstand. James Intveld.

Apparently, Peter thought very highly of Mick and John as musicians. After "Aerosmith" was released Elyssa started hanging around with the band and spending a lot of time with Joe Perry. A: Waters later stated that it was "like a visit by the royal family members". The Beatles were recording their famous "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".