Pure Justice: No Escape, Paid in Blood

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Now there's only a hole. Let the axe fall Fight. Or flight. Just try it and see. And let the axe fall And We. Were waiting for them to try. The smell of smoke is rising and the patrons are afraid Why, do you hate your children? Why, do you send them to war? Why, do you feed the greedy? You take a little more yes you take a little more Foold We got fooled again, Down for another ride Passed around the windows, For a brand new set of lies We got fooled again, A trick to kill the poor Money for the rich, And a way to keep the score We got fooled again, Believing in our sins Where did the war begin, Who will stop to win?

We Got Foold Again! The Lucid Dementia Show Hi, My name, is Lucid Dementia, I'm glad that I metcha but I'd rather I'd eatcha I'm a twisted little monster with too much time on my hands, a chip on my shoulder, grows colder and colder I'm the spirit from beyond in this sick man's head, a puppet delusion, a twisted intrusion here to shine a light on to the human disease: Overpopulation and it's the You see, it's simple, multiplication: when you have a little something then it's worth a lot, and when you have a lot of something then it's not worth not, and there's lots and lots and lots and lots of humans, and the more the humans, the less they're worth and the less there's land, and the less there's food, then the more they fight, and the more they steal, and the more they cheat, and the more they lie, and the more they rape, and kill, and kill, and kill Creep it is cheap how we reap a list so complete of the many hypocrites that we cheat and we cheat out of the blood that they fleet for their greed and elite that we keep under heat of the day we'll concede for the greatest guillotine that they will meat oh yes they'll meet oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, they will meet Jump on the scene for the gristentine pick up the bones of the gristentine dust for the shadows of the gristentine the monks on the gallows of the gristentine scattered into tatters by the gristentine blood stains splatter for the gristentine everything shatters for the gristentine the gristentine, the grinstentine wouldn't you like to know?

Evils Garden Won't you come and dance with me, in evil's garden?

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Won't you come and walk with me, in evil's garden? Won't you come and dance with me, in evil's garden? Won't you come and talk with me, in evil's garden?

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Every nation in the human world was born through the fires of violence. Every god in the human world has been a tool of violence. Every Generation in the human world, has had its sheep of violence.

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And the hateful sheep of the human world teach their children in violence. This land is my land, and this land is yours. Stay off of my land, and I'll stand on yours. This god is my god, and that god is yours. Won't you come make love to me, in evil's garden? Hush We're bringing it in we're watching it spin we've set out the trap and now and were starting to grin we've waited so long for the game to begin and now that we're here we know that we'll win and every time you try to escape you bring us in a little closer and every time you try to run you pull us in a little closer we will never let you go Hush little baby don't you cry Momma's gonna buy you a brand new lie we've rattled the bones and scattered the sticks we've shattered the tatters and we've circled the picks the cards have been dealt and the signs have been licked we drank from the river now we're sick sick sick.

And everytime we try to escape you bring us in a little closer And everytime we try to be free you pull us in a little closer You will never let us go. Hush little baby don't you cry Momma's gonna buy you a brand new lie now everybodies twisted everybodies twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted and every time you try to escape you bring us in a little closer and every time you try to run you pull us in a little closer we will never let you go Controlled Don't be controlled by the people around you, They'll take away your soul They'll take away your energy Don't let control be the prison that bounds you, They'll take away your hold They'll take away reality And Oh!

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"No Escape" (2015), "Blood for water" sequence [HD]

Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Barton Goodreads Author. Danyael Obscura 's review Nov 09, I loved reading Pure Justice. With Voldemort vanquished after failing to kill Harry Potter, the Death Eaters largely disbanded, they vanished. The Ministry rounded many of them up and imprisoned them in the Wizarding prison Azkaban , but some eluded justice by claiming they were bewitched by the Imperius Curse it is implied that Lucius Malfoy did so or by turning in other Death Eaters, as Igor Karkaroff did; Harry witnesses Karkaroff's testimony against former Death Eaters in Albus Dumbledore 's Pensieve during the course of the series.

It appears that very few Death Eaters stood for their fallen master and proudly went to Azkaban for him like Bellatrix Lestrange , since, in the sixth book, Snape states that if Voldemort had refused to welcome back all those who turned their backs on him when he fell, then he would have very few followers. The Lestranges are the only Death Eaters known to have willingly sacrificed their freedom for Voldemort. This is something that does not go unnoticed by him, as he claims, when he returns, that they will be rewarded above all others for their great loyalty.

Snape's position as a Death Eater is unique - during the books he convinces all with the exception of Harry, Hermione and Ron, that he is working for whichever side requires it at that time. This is due to his skill at Occlumency in that he is able to disguise his true motive - a love for Lily Potter - from Voldemort.

They gathered to form a large spectacle and disturbance which spread instant chaos and fear amongst the wizarding community. Their appearance alone created hysteria, and their numbers grew while they tortured Muggles and Muggle-borns on site. Voldemort, having regained his full strength at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , summoned his followers to him by touching Peter Pettigrew's Dark Mark.

Except for Severus Snape who was staying at Hogwarts to "maintain his cover" and those dead, imprisoned, or afraid to return, the majority returned to his service as Voldemort began his second attempt to claim all power. Voldemort states at his rebirth, "And here we have six missing Death Eaters One, too cowardly to return One, who I believe has left me forever The one "who I believe has left me forever" is Severus Snape, who returns two hours later to explain his absence and convince Voldemort that he is a spy for him.

The "most faithful servant" is Barty Crouch Jr. The Minister of Magic Cornelius Fudge deluded himself into believing that Voldemort could not have come back and that it was all a lie cooked up by Dumbledore, who Fudge believed had designs on his political office. The Death Eaters use this tactical advantage throughout Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to maintain their secrecy.

Because of the Ministry's refusal to remove the Dementors from Azkaban, which Dumbledore advised immediately following Voldemort's return, the Death Eaters recruited the Dementors to their cause and made similar progress with the giants; the Dementors' revolt against the Ministry of Magic also allowed the Death Eaters to bolster their ranks with the mass break-out of several imprisoned Death Eaters, including Bellatrix Lestrange.

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix , Voldemort sent a group of twelve Death Eaters, led by Lucius Malfoy , into the Department of Mysteries, where he expected them to secure a prophecy of vital importance to him: having originally attacked Harry Potter based upon a partial recounting of it, he now wanted to hear the full version to better, or even fully, understand the connection between Harry and himself. The raid on the Department failed, however; Harry Potter and his friends delayed the Death Eaters and kept the prophecy out of their hands, finally destroying it, and were eventually aided by Albus Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix.

Dumbledore captured eleven of the twelve Death Eaters, sending Voldemort and Bellatrix fleeing after a fierce duel with the former, and ending the Death Eaters' enjoyed secrecy. Lucius, who had been important both to the Death Eaters and within the Ministry, was captured and imprisoned. However, the Death Eaters regrouped, assassinating and kidnapping important wizards, killing Muggles , and in general spreading terror and chaos through the Wizarding world. Soon after Lucius' capture, his son Draco Malfoy is made a Death Eater, and given the task of killing Albus Dumbledore, although this task is eventually performed by Severus Snape.

Towards the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince , the Death Eaters attacked Hogwarts for the first time, leading to the death of Albus Dumbledore and injuries to several of the school's defenders. A second, more deadly attack near the conclusion of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows resulted in over 50 deaths, including Voldemort, who died when the Killing Curse he threw at Harry rebounded on him. Voldemort's death signalled the end of all Death Eaters. Voldemort's Death Eaters practise illegal and dangerous spells known as dark magic.

Their ideology is of racial supremacy. They believe wizards are, as a genealogy book within the story phrases it, "Nature's Nobility"; other magical creatures and the non-magical are inferior and should be subjugated. Within the wizarding community, only those who are born to wizard parents are worthy of magical power, despite the fact that parentage does not in fact determine who possess such powers.

They categorise wizards according to blood purity ; "pure bloods" those with only wizards as parents out-rank "half-bloods" mixed parentage and "mudbloods", a derogatory name for those born to non-magical parents Muggles. Death Eaters have also attacked pure-bloods who oppose them. Examples of this are pure-blooded members of the Order of the Phoenix such as Sirius Black , the Prewett brothers, who were murdered because of their loyalties, and the entire Weasley family. Such people are often called "blood traitors" by those who subscribe to Death Eater ideologies.

In reality, the idea of blood purity is a misnomer — Voldemort himself is a half-blood — and it is unlikely that all of them could be pure-bloods, as very few, if any, such people could exist given the small gene pool. In Half-Blood Prince , Rowling depicts the Gaunts as a family who are obsessed with their ancestry and driven to inbreeding to preserve its integrity. Rowling has stated on her website that there are no true pure-blood families left but that those who call themselves such simply strike Muggles, Squibs , and half-bloods from their family records.

On the other hand, "in rare circumstances" a Muggle-born wizard can become a Death Eater. Though mostly they seek complete power and control over the entire Wizarding world, wishing to restrict leadership to a small band of pure-bloods. The Death Eaters not only seek the restoration of pure-blood rule over the Wizarding community, but also the eventual subjugation of the Muggle community under Wizarding rule. The following characters are Death Eaters identified by name during the series, and the crimes they committed.

Book Excerpt: Exposing India's Blood Farmers

Amycus is described as being squat and lumpy, with a lopsided leer and a wheezy giggle; Alecto is described as a "stocky little woman" and shares her brother's squatness and laugh. It is said that after Voldemort's first downfall, they believed that he was gone forever.

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Amycus teaches Defence Against the Dark Arts , but as Neville Longbottom puts it, it becomes just " The Dark Arts " in which students are forced to perform the Cruciatus Curse against students who have been assigned to detention. Alecto teaches Muggle Studies , which becomes a compulsory subject, and teaches students that Muggles are like animals.

Amycus, after seeing what happened, tries to conspire with Minerva McGonagall who helped him into the room to offer some Ravenclaw students as sacrifices to Voldemort while planning to use the lie that Ravenclaws had ambushed Alecto and forced her to press her Dark Mark. McGonagall refuses and argues with Amycus, who spits in her face. Enraged at this, Harry casts the Cruciatus Curse, with such power that Amycus passes out. Later, McGonagall places the Imperius Curse on him, then binds him with his sister and places him inside a net.

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Ralph Ineson plays Amycus, and Suzie Toase appears as Alecto in the films, wherein they are reduced to non-speaking roles. In the second part of the final film, Snape deflects a spell from McGonagall which hits the Carrows, possibly to protect the students from their abuses and to show his allegiance to Dumbledore. He was captured with the Lestranges , who tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom, parents of Neville Longbottom , into insanity. His father, Barty Crouch Sr.

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Look inside this book. Pure Justice: No Escape, Paid in Blood by [Barton, Linda L​] such a decision. Unfortunately, life sometimes life gives us no other option. Is it Revenge or Eye for an Eye Justice? No one wants to face such a decision. Unfortunately, life sometimes life gives us no other option. After the brutal murder​.

However, he later rescues his son as a favour to his dying wife.