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Matza, David, It must have been designed as something preparatory to the latter ; the type as well as the antitype must have been preordained —and they must have been preordained as constituent parts of the same general sphere of divine providence.


Thus, we will have a reference, with certain managers preordained to outperform the index by a substantial margin, others to do so with a smaller margin, and others to underperform. Each group's preset margin of outperformance, together Jean L. Brunel, To proceed with it without Mr. The circumstances of Tony Onesto's early life make it seem almost preordained he would be a serious comic book collector.

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Born into a military Ethan despairs as the story approaches its fatal endgame -- one that, he realizes, is utterly unavoidable and perhaps even preordained. That is why campaigns often feel preordained. The advertising is parsed and targeted. The speeches are predigested and pat.

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The candidates themselves It is obvious the outcome is preordained. Councilman Louderback and I have a genuine interest in the city of Xenia and its citizens. It is our Particularly, Allen's movies feel more preordained — this sense that the author's cynical view of life has firmly rooted itself in Allen's creative He said Mr. Cuomo's moves reinforce the perception among business insiders that the wage hike was preordained.

The Bookish Sale: Was it Preordained?

Mike Lynne Smith Deputy Tom Cullen Drew Solomon Travon Will Hollerung Richie Steven F. Gaither Leila Profeta Cristal Charlie James Edit Storyline Add Full Plot Add Synopsis Taglines: Where does a good man turn when his self esteem was lost in a far off land and he is shunned by society?

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Grace & Truth Ministries Jim Brown #3590 Predestination- Preordained- Prearrange- Self Determination

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So who can say that they are responsible for anything at all? Life Quotes. Mel Gibson. More from Biology and Medical. Examples of preordain in a Sentence my wife and I are such soulmates, I'm convinced that our marriage was preordained.

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DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. Everything in Jean-Claude's life had been decided before he met me, and I was being fitted into a preordained pattern. For them, history is not the exegesis of an ideologically preordained text, but the reconstruction of the past. I don't believe that this city of ours was preordained , or was entirely a function of the recent past.

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  • Scientists find biology's optimal 'molecular alphabet' may be preordained.
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In due course Agnes forgot her first impulse, yet was moving inexorably on an almost preordained path. But no one is asking you to conform to a preordained career timetable or a specific direction.

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(of an outcome or course of action) decided or determined beforehand; predestined. › dictionary › english › preordained.