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Thanks, Paul, for the good wishes. When beginning our church service this morning, the worship leader started with that news. Our church has friends in Indonesia. Despite the sad news I wish you a peaceful weekend and a good start into the new week - also a good start with the 'new' president. Lord Peter is well known for his fondness to interfere with other people's affairs.

Here are some short stories: Some were good, some I didn't like. A very late happy new thread. Wow, amazing costumes and people — thank you for sharing. I'm sorry you didn't like all the stories.

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Sayers is one of my favorite authors, but I don't like Five Red Herrings at all. I didn't much care for Five Red Herrings either, but I find little bits of it stuck in my memory, not as much as the Dorothy Sayers books I've re-read more, but they are nasty sticky bits. Hej Karen, yes, it was a show seeing all these cosplayers Kirjath Jearim is a village for children from immigrants who problems, so there are special teachers there. He travelled by public transport only in the late s. In the text he shares his personal experiences with the people he meets and gives a selection of the drawings he was doing during this time.

Jewish cemetery near the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem Beersheva. I could jump into that book, and it could be me. I used to love to draw and did pen-and-ink drawings during my volunteer year in Israel in the early 70s.

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I only still have two drawings which I made into note cards. I lived and worked in Beer Sheva for four months. It was not my favorite city. So, we are looking forward to your posting your drawing s.

Filosofische Märchen: Skurille Gute-Nacht-Geschichten für Erwachsene (German Edition)

I just changed buses in Beersheva on the way to Arad. I didn't see anything of that town. The content was mostly good, but I had some difficulties with the style: I often took the 'I' as the author addressing me and not God doing that Chol his Korean name grew up in North Korea. But one day his father died in an accident. They lost the house they were lving in, had to live with relatives, get there own food from the fields and forests, eating grass and roots and insects.

Then they fled to China and first thought of having reached paradise.

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These are thus indeed symbols, intrinsically poor fetish objects to which a strong history is attached. I love that bookmark with your name in Japanese, Paul. It fits to that book which shows these trades and these crafts. Stattdessen ist die verbreitetste Version die 2. Thai massasje forum erotiske no.

They had to split up and he ended up first in a Chinese prison and then in a North Korean. They were beaten, had to do hard labour, were put in narrow boxes, tortured, became ill, only got very little food, some water which had seen some vegetables In China he became a Christian and got to know Christ's forgiveness and spiritual support in all his life and learned to trust God.

What always astonishes me when reading such stories is the tremendous love these refugees have for their own people. Timothy also tells about the bad things people did to him, but he utters no feelings or longing for revenge. He now works for the unification of the two Koreas. Hard reading but very encouraging I think that the talks nowadays among the North and the South Koreas are quite interesting and encouraging.

My fear is basically that the two protecting powers, the USA and China, are not working on the best for Korea but their own interests and so may hinder peace and reconciliation on the peninsula. Sonette by Reinhold Schneider. This sonnet was written just after World War II by this Catholic poet writing against the Nazi dictatorship whose books were banned in the German Reich. He sees the demons and the evil powers rising and fighting the Good Christ and through suffering sees the oppressed praying for a new beginning.

Reinhold Schneider is one of those Christians who propagated doing repentance after the Second World War. Die Heimkehr des deutschen Geistes the stream of history did not break a dam which was not already rifled through by the spirit. The brutality and cruelty of the Third Reich was only possible through the undermining of Christian values. From immense distance you come again, Who embraced you, who saw you on the cross Feels your deity terribly powerful, close by And breaks down in front of your face. A flash destroys the abyss's rocks And all the depths blaspheme Golgotha; Heaven's armies stand shining, And a terrible quarreling goes back and forth.

Lord, your world's horrible glory, There through rooms of nameless distance A Gloria echoes over flocks of figthers! You look terribly serenity The dragon whipping down with pure stars Before you chain him and his blood dwindles. I watched the Swiss ice hockey team playing Sweden yesterday. They played well but they didn't win, sad. They have beaten Canada, though.

Roman by Giuseppe Gracia. Three young 2nd generation foreigners grow up in Switzerland.


They plan to marry, the girl having a child by each of the two boys. The story is told from adulthood when the 1st person narrator became a propaganda writer in a bank and Santini working there as banker. Both man still longing for that girl. The book conveys a hopelessness which is disturbing. Don't bother with that book. I read it because the author will be on the panel on the Wenkenhof discussions this week about the beginning and the end of life. Es geht los auf der Nationalstrasse 12 in Pontchartrain Yvelines.

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Roman by Stefan Schwarz - Mein Leben verlief lange ziemlich vorhersehbar. Kurzgeschichten by Ivo Zanoni - Im St. A humorous essay on Switzerland by Eugene V. Epstein - Once upon a time, high upon a Swiss alp, there lived a family of Swiss farmers named Obenamberg. Roman by Silvio Blatter - Walker fand sich etwas zu dick - und er wollte immer nach Kanada. Jerusalem - Hauptstadt Israels?

Erbteil - des Friedens? Jahrhundert by Ludwig Ziemssen - Heda! Lawrence - When the vicar's wife went off with a young and penniless man the scandal knew no bounds. You are doing quite well this year with reading but especially in the area of acquisition! I have a soft spot for books. Whenever I see abandoned books my hands reach out for them and bring them to a save haven Okay, I also passed on 13 books to the Swiss National Library last week - all books they need for their collection.

Die besten Fickgeschichten (German Edition) - Albrecht Barth • BookLikes (ISBN:B00GM9Q4R6)

I got another tick since Monday - I prefer my collecting tick Sammeltick in German: I was walking in the forest then realizing that ticks were on my clothing. So when coming home I stripped and had a long shower. But one little beast was waterproof. I found it yesterday evening in my right upper arm. I tried to get it out, but the teeth stayed in my flesh, so I had to see the doctor this morning In about two weeks time I will know if I am infected with Lyme borreliosis I hope you weren't infected, Paul!

The ticks are active here as well. Sorry you had a persistant tick, Paul.

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I hope you were not infected, as Lyme is a nasty disease. They need longer for a serious infection and the region i found it is not regarded as dangerous no tocks around here know to infect your brain. As a teenager i often had ticks and always took them out easily enough, never had any problems.

At work i had to fill out a form for an accident. I'm sorry to hear about the tick bite and hope the results come back with no infection. A friend of mine was bitten by a Lone Star tick about 10 years ago and is now allergic to red meat, also including milk, butter, etc.

I'd never heard of this before, but it's becoming more common here in the US.