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Restaurants Restaurant Roundups. Food Talkies. Oct 24, Wendy rated it really liked it. A Christmas Tail is gorgeous, both inside and out! Originally published in four parts, these tales of the residents of Primrose Terrace are now combined in one beautifully presented edition. Despite the Christmassy cover, it pretty much spans the seasons of a year in all their wonderful glory.

Our main heroine is Catherine Palmer whose turbulent fictional life can be pretty unpredictable. But given her track record, not everyone is convinced she has everything under control and will go out of their way to put a stop to her new livelihood. Yet she lives up to her name, as curiosity undoubtedly gets the better of her on occasion. Her natural ability for jumping in offers the most surprising results!

I usually plough through my books but I simply had to savour this one, as it was such a delightful diversion. My sincere thanks to the publisher for sending a positively glistening paperback copy of this wonderful read for review. Sep 10, Kirsty Greenwood rated it it was amazing. I was in dire need of a book that would give me a metaphorical hug and this book did the perfect job!

McLaughlin's writing is a cut above; clever and fun and confident. I was hooked on the tale of spirited Cat as she builds her dog walking business in a village full of wonderfully interesting characters including the dogs themselves! I tore through this book in a couple of days and would recommend to anyone looking for a romantic, feel good read with lots of heart, warmth and laughter!

Dec 05, Agi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Oh guys, it was such a joy to read those four short stories as one book! I've read the parts when they were published as a serialized instalments, all but the last one, and even though it was not long time ago, I happily got back with all the characters that I've already grown so found of, and of course I couldn't wait to see how the story is going to end!

And I can't not mention the cover - it's wonderful! One of the best thing is that Oh guys, it was such a joy to read those four short stories as one book! One of the best thing is that the book introduces us not only to human characters, but also to animal ones, dogs especially, and as you can usually spot me in my own muddy wellies, with a smelly pockets full of treats for my dog, I was sure this book is so going to be so up to my street.

Taking a puppy to the nursery where she works was not Cat's best idea ever, as - of course! But Cat is not crying over the spilled milk, oh no, very quickly a new plan is conceived - Cat is going to be a dog - walker. Fortunately, there are many residents in Primrose Terrace who have dogs and little time. Cat is going to get to know not only the four - legged clients, but also the two - legged, and a celebrity among them. At the beginning, I was not so sure about Cat. I mean, taking a puppy with her into the nursery where she works, even though she knows her boss is a sticking to the rules, very precise woman and who had let Cat know her thoughts on dogs already - would you do this?

I don't think so.

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And Cat stroke me as a little hot - headed, who first says and does and only then thinks about the consequences, and she's big enough already to know better, right? Not respecting what other people tell her, and doing things at any cost. On the other hand, she's funny and she may have her head in the clouds, but at least she's not wallowing in self - pity but trying!

A Very Special Christmas Tail(s). 🎄🎅🦊 - Sasso Studios

And with the story progressing and developing, I was falling in love with Cat, just like that. Her need to know everything about other people, ekhm, I guess we are also as nosey as Cat, no? Maybe not to such an extend, Cat is extreme in this matter, but as long as she doesn't hurt anybody, why not? She was just a girl after my own heart and I kept my fingers crossed for her all the time. She was bubbly, sparkly and full of optimism through the whole book.

And overly curious! But she has a heart made of gold and she wants to help not only animals, but all people - I only hope that carrying problems of the whole world on her shoulders is not going to break her. There were always lot of troubles in store for our lovely Cat.

A Naughty Nuns Christmas Tail

Well, Cat often is herself a reason for the troubles to appear, as she can't help her nosiness and willingness to help, no matter if people involved wanted it or not. And it's truly amazing how many sub - plots and action the author has managed to squeeze between the pages of this novel - it is a real page - turner, because you've no idea what's going to happen and what Cat is going to do.

And she is lovely, our Cat, no matter if she's too drunk after a dinner with her parents, if she's confused about Mark or angry with Joe - Cat is one of the greatest characters, she's such relatable and likeable, with her flaws, hot - headed spontaneous and with heart made of gold. From all the other characters I think that the dogs are those that we know most : I loved Disco, and all the other dogs, and they are really great written - I mean, they are like real dogs, not too exaggerated.

Polly is a really brilliant great friend, and when we eventually got to know why Joe is like he is, I have warmed to him as well. I've never warmed to Mark, I was expecting that there is more to Mark than meets the eye, I don't know but he was Really didn't know what to do with him, with him being so cold and non - committal, and the more I got to know him, the more I was falling in love with Joe, who was just perfect and who appreciated Cat just like she was.

There were some funny scenes, and it had a feel - good factor to it.

I felt comfortable and in the right place already after reading the first sentence of this novel. Of course the story was full of dogs and some very bad cats and I loved the way Cressida writes about them, with a lot of humour but also understanding, and it is a real joy for me, such a dog - admirer and owner of altogether more than 20 dogs in my life, to have a book mostly about the dogs and their antics, which are so greatly captured - even though Cressida herself has never had a dog!

I loved how this story wrapped up - I can't have enough of happy ends, especially such happy ends! I truly can't wait to see what Cressida has in store for us next year with her new series "The Canal Boat Cafe". Highly recommended! Copy provided by the author. Jul 28, Bev Taylor rated it really liked it. A Christmas Tail follows the story of Cat, an overly eager, excitable and curious young woman with an absolute passion for dogs. Until, spurred on by her elderly neighbour Elsie, she realises there seems to be a need for a dog walker in town.

From a glamorous cooking author, to a single mum with 3 kids and a playful puppy, to the mysteriously handsome border collie owner, Primrose Terrace seems to be the dog capital of the world, and Cat gets to know all her neighbours and their pooches. Coping with the ups and downs of win some, lose some, she must also learn to take the same care and consideration with her own life, particularly when it comes to mysterious neighbours and grumpy roommates. Primrose Terrace sounds like absolute heaven — I would happily move in tomorrow if I could!

From the classic terraced homes to the gorgeous park, and the beautiful beaches and coves — it just sounds so picturesque.

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Fairview is now up there with Hogwarts and Rivendell of the places I wish were real! There is always a real sense of community and comradeship as everyone manages to pull together for the cause, or to pull off some grand event. Adding to this a wonderful knack for writing about gorgeous dogs, with as much personality as the main characters themselves, you are surely on to a winner. Except the bit which nearly brought me to tears reading on the train into work the other day!

Mar 19, PrettyFlamingo rated it liked it. I liked the character of Cat Palmer, her dogwalking business and how she fits into the community she has made her own. As I picked it up in December, I only read the Christmas segment but flicked back to gen up on some of the background and the characters — particularly that of the first love interest. What an absolute ratbag!

It was interesting how Cat found what she wanted right under her feet, and the way that she came to realise that, through the support and kindness and total solidarity of friends and neighbours. The fabulous festive cover with the cute dogs and the seasonal glitter make the book look so special, however.

The cover is worth half a star, at least! Dec 27, Ellie bookmadbarlow rated it really liked it. Despite the title of this book only part of it is actually set at Christmas so don't let that put you off reading at any time of the year. This is split into 4 sections, which I think we released at different times and then joined together for this edition. Cat is a busybody, she likes to interfere in other peoples business, thinking she is helping and for the most part she does.

Cat has a run of bad luck with jobs until she falls into one as a dog walker.

Cue a lovely cast of different fur babies Despite the title of this book only part of it is actually set at Christmas so don't let that put you off reading at any time of the year.