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But Raj is also a triple amputee in a wheel chair, so we expected Gucci might have trouble. There was also Cameo who could channel the dead and their powers from objects they owned and she certainly could have channeled King Cobalt from his mask. So Gucci surprised us with Queen Cobalt, her blouse designed with extra fabric loosely held with elasticized gathers and bows so it can expand when she expands to become a muscle-bound olive-skinned amazon luchadora. While he tends to walk around naked as Herne, as Dylan he worked as a model, wearing whatever new fashion Handsome Harry gave him.

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Gucci also asked, rather pointedly, whether Dylan shed his antlers and was it on the same cycle as a regular deer? Alessandro pointed out that Fashion Week is in February, so it would be unrealistic for Dylan to sport antlers then. We mentioned that while the Ramshead in Fort Freak and Mississippi Roll as an old cop about to retire, he will appear as his younger joker self in new stories in One-Eyed Jacks and the expanded edition of Jokertown Shuffle, for which Cherie has written a story.

See what Gucci produced for our first look at young Ramshead.

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Gucci produced two looks for Olena, both excellent, and the second model is even handling a harmless milk snake as a stand-in for the IBT, a deadly twenty-foot coral-snake joker. Baba Yaga, when we meet her in Lowball , is a very old woman, but still deadly, since her spit can turn people into furniture.

Speaking of deadly aces, we also told Gucci about Mackie Messer, a terrifying creation of the late great Victor Milan. Of course not all the deadly aces in Wild Cards are villains. Some are like Walter Jon Williams character Neil Langford, aka Shad, a troubled ace with multiple powers, who alternates personas between the vigilante ace Black Shadow, the personable deuce Wall Walker, the terrifying joker-ace Mr. Gravemold, the street thug No Dice, and others. Dorian looks completely normal, if a bit dissipated and bloated, except for a mass of twitching green tentacles that have replaced his right hand.

Dorian was also part of the globe-hopping cast for Aces Abroad. Carrie has written two more adventures for Joann which will be appearing in the reissues of One-Eyed Jacks and Jokertown Shuffle and was tapped for the cover of the Jokertown Shuffle reissue. The result is stunning even without Lady Black unleashing her ace. Bagabond is Doctor Doolittle as a bag lady, able to communicate with cats, pigeons, hawks, jaguars, or any animal and use them to do her bidding.

Beautiful subtle work. Apsara is also haunted by her phi, the guardian spirit of her spirit house. Gucci also delved further into the books than we expected. Kevin revealed that The Magpie, while circumspect with her crimes, did have a few distinguishing traits. Trudy is fond of two-tone fashions, particularly black and white, like a magpie. Trudy will be returning this year for an earlier appearance in the expanded reissue of One-Eyed Jacks for perhaps her greatest caper.

Here a younger version of herself appears in three classic looks from Gucci. And yes, Kevin confirms, Trudy is indeed a Yankees fan. Another unexpected fashion plate is The Whisperer, created by George R. When he goes out, he wears a face mask to keep from passing his diseases on, except when he is sent out as an assassin by the Shadow Fist Society who keep him supplied with drugs for his constant pain. But at least he can enjoy he ball game, hopefully from the privacy of his apartment, for he is also a Yankees fan.

Her black velvet dress depicts the obscuring darkness that can pour from her mouth. Another unlikely fashion plate is Vaporlock.

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Vaporlock is also a minor villain, a joker-deuce whose skinny body oozes mentholated slime which he can use to knock people out if he shoves a handful up their nose. Yes indeed, this is Vaporlock, nakedness, slime, and even a Yankees cap. Well done, Gucci. Well done. No, but we had to admit it was a cool idea. In the planning for Follow the Queen, Gucci got introduced to a number of characters who have yet to appear in print.

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Bubble Bubble Meows and the Coin Purse Capers is the story of Bubble Bubble Meows and the Coin Purse Capers in which Bubble Bubble Meows and the. Bubble Bubble Meows and the Coin Purse Capers - Kindle edition by Matt Orefice. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Skeeter Girl is a teen with the power to control mosquitos. Given her power, Skeeter Girl is the last person in the world who would need to wear mosquito netting but it does work as a visual metaphor for her ace and better than releasing a bunch of mosquitos in a fashion show. As with all things, there are also characters who do not make it to the page, for one reason or another, but they have here made it to the runway. A joker simply described as Four Eyes. Four Eyes? Well yes. The Wild Card means that not all the eyes have to be on your head. The Langwidere Twins can remove their heads and grow new ones.

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Gucci realized both their looks beautifully. Have yourself a lovely Fossil Centipede watch for your trouble mate.

Bubble Bubble Meows and the Meteor Stomachache [2014]

You deserve it. All you have to do is present a lucid, thought-provoking piece of literature that melts our souls; failing that, something funny with swear words in it will go down just as well…. It also features. In your letters section I was reading that many people were demanding the cover disc back so I wanted to say that there are also readers with other opinions.

As for your other suggestions?

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Surely there is enough information available for you to run a feature on the new cross-platform development tools that programmers, artists and musicians are now using to assist them in pushing the old hardware to its absolute limits? It would fit into the home-brew section rather nicely. Although sometimes it does suffer from looking great but being the same old same old underneath just like Madge in fact.

Back in the day, if you had a Mega Drive, you would own Sonic. ID: eggman It has to be the Monkey Island series, as there are loads of reasons to love the franchise. There are some great characters like Guybrush, Le Chuck, Wally and even likeable cannibals. Oh, and it had a great story and gameplay as well. I will always remember the story of Guybrush and his quest to become a mighty pirate, and Monkey Island is one the few games to give a true sense of adventure.

ID: merman Metroid just keeps getting better and better.

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ID: revgiblet Tricky one. Most franchises, at some point, overstretch themselves and release a duff title that ruins its reputation. I also tend to sit up and take notice if a new Resident Evil or Tomb Raider game is promised. Great soundtracks to boot. Knocks the crap out of Dizzy. ID: romanista Is the sensi-style a franchise? Although the quality of the games has been called into question in the past I do love LN2, however At school we spent hours playing this, and each eagerly anticipated sequel — minutes disappeared into hours, hour into days.

Thank you for supporting Imagine Publishing — a new independent specialist magazine publisher where quality, innovation and excellence are paramount. We hope you enjoy the magazine. Retrobates Editor in Chief Simon Phillips Advertising Manager Felicity Mead felicity. First off, the man is a technical genius.

Years ago, after burning out the engine on one of his motorcycles, and being inspired by a local arcade, he took the tiny motorbike into our house and configured it to work with our Sega Genesis.

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He installed a magnet in the kickstarter, which turned on the TV. The ignition turned on the console, while the bike itself was left in a powerlift position. All the wiring ran under the floor and he even installed a volume control and reset button for it. It was an amazing piece of kit and I enjoyed many hours on it.

I bought this game when it first came out and loved every minute of it, but a few years later I was having a clear-out and accidentally sold it off with a box of other games for 10p each.

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This magazine is fully independent and not affiliated in any way with the companies mentioned herein. The actual visuals were big bold and chunky and very colourful. For all its solid level design, bold visuals and gripping gameplay, there was one element of Batty that lifted it above all other similar games and made it untouchable — the amazing simultaneous two-player mode. Rather than take turns, each player simply guarded one half of the screen and shared a set number of lives between them. While it lasted though, lucky Spectrum owners were treated to something very special indeed.

And to think Elite turned down the opportunity to publish it…. Never one to let a slight disappearance get in the way, Ashley Day tracks down the last great bedroom programmer to chat about Worms So when Worms became a worldwide phenomenon, sellling over five million copies, many gamers were surprised to find it had almost single-handedly been created by one man and his Amiga.

It was just an experiment to see if I could get it to do something a bit more interesting than drawing a graph.