A Karma Girl Christmas (The Bigtime series)

Jennifer Estep
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Some parts were kind of cheesy, but I totally dug them. It had me right from the start and I was begging for more. Things I didn't like so much: 1 Fiona Fine! Couldn't stand her. I hope she has a better personality in the next book.

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And that's a wrap! I really hope you give this book a chance, especially if you liked this author's author books!

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It is totally worth it. What I liked: This was a really fun read. It was cheesy, but mostly in a good way, and it was just really entertaining. The characters were likable for the most part, and even though the plot was pretty obvious it was still enjoyable to read. I had a few big issues with the book, but overall I'd still recommend it because it was just plain fun. What I didn't like: Everyone in this book was pretty dumb - it was so obvious who all of the heroes and villains were. They all did horrible jobs of disguising their secret identities, and everyone else did horrible jobs at uncovering them.

It got to be a bit much at times. My other big issue was that there was a lot of slut-shaming. Characters mostly Carmen did a lot of judging of other women, and Carmen was a bit superior about a dressing conservatively and b only sleeping with serious boyfriends.

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There was also a moment where Carmen told a woman that if she walked home alone "she was asking for it" which was pretty troubling. Overall the 2 things I didn't like annoyed me enough that I probably won't continue the series unless I find book 2 on sale, but I still really enjoyed this book. You know alliterative names mean something, you know if it glows it can do things that only happen in comics, and so on.

Beyond that there was enough complexity and good characters that it was fun, entertaining. I wanted to give it four stars because all told, it's a fun take on such worlds. The descriptions around her transformation were Great! Alas for me, the story fell short in the one place a romance can't - I was only told about their attraction, I didn't feel it much.


please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about A Karma Girl Christmas .. This is a cute short novella within the Bigtime hero series. It takes place after. A Karma Girl Christmas (The Bigtime series) - Kindle edition by Jennifer Estep. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

And, worse, the main character does a stupid thing regarding her love interest More Than Once. This is the first in a series, and I hope the author did better in subsequent books.

But in this one, an editor should have demanded more. More feeling, more intelligence. This is a very silly book, and I mean no disrespect to it or to Estep in saying so; I just find it hard to take superheroes and ubervillians seriously. But then, I did not grow up on comic books. However, Estep has taken a pretty silly premise and written a fun, engaging romance with it as a backbone. The chemistry between Carmen and her second superhero lover was hot, although I think the final conflict before the book resolved was per formula and dumb.

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A Karma Girl Christmas

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